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Boca Ballet Theatre offers its students the opportunity to train, rehearse and perform with professional dancers. Come see our beautiful state-of-the-art facility, The Countess de Hoernle Center for Dance. Beginning to professional dance classes in ballet, jazz, and modern for ages 3 to adult.
• Three professionally-equipped studios
• Sprung-wood floors
• Piano accompaniment for many classes

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School Of Boca Ballet Theatre
7630 N.W. 6th Avenue
Boca Raton, FL 33487

We are looking forward to the 2019-20 school year and that process begins now! You may register in person, via telephone, fax or email at anytime up through the formal registration period listed above. Many of you took advantage of our pre-registration promotion and we are happy to say that your registration is complete and you may begin classes without any further paperwork. (If you did not complete a new registration form with your payment, please do so when classes begin.) If you have not registered, please do so as soon as possible to ensure your place in the class you desire.


The School of Boca Ballet Theatre Offers Classes In:


Introduction to movement, musical rhythms and spacial relationships as well as an introduction to basic balletic vocabulary and the concepts of balletic form and movement.


Careful development of the technique and vocabulary of dance.  Strength, musicality, line, suppleness and artistry are emphasized.


Upbeat rhythms and isolations are the trademarks of this uniquely American dance form. *Ballet Prerequisite*

Modern Dance

Contemporary dance technique widens understanding of torso and limb movement through space, use of rhythms and dramatic expression.   *Ballet Prerequisite*


An extension of classical ballet for experienced female dancers.


Intermediate and advanced pointe students learn solos and excerpts from classical ballets


Intermediate and advanced students learn the basics of partnering, with a focus on lifts, supports and turns.

Men’s Class

A ballet class tailored to the specific demands of male dancers.

Adult Classes

Traditional classes tailored to the specific interests of adults, from beginners to advanced.

Boca Ballet Theatre
Where The Stars Of Tomorrow
Join The Stars Of Today!

Boca Ballet Theatre Presents The Seven Steps In The Development Of A Dancer


 Introduction to Movement & Musical Rhythms
(Minimum Age – 3)


Base Training in Ballet Technique 
(Minimum Age – 7)


Continue Ballet Technique Training.  Start Specialization Training ( Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Etc).
(Minimum Age – 10)


Continue Ballet Technique Training.  Intensify Specialization Training ( Pointe, Jazz, Modern, Etc).  Begin Performing In Concert Work.
(Minimum Age – 12)


Continue Above Elements.  Attend Professional Workshops And Summer Programs To Make Contacts And Gain Insight About Professional Careers In Dance, Or Attend A Full-Time Professional Training School.
(Minimum Age – 15/16)


Server As An Intern With A Professional Company-Attend College If Possible. 
(Minimum Age – 18)


Dance Professionally!

Learning to be a dancer
is different than learning a dance.

The School of Boca Ballet Theatre

In support of Boca Ballet Theatre’s mission to expose the youth of this community to quality concert dance and professional training, the School of Boca Ballet Theatre was established in 1993.

The School of Boca Ballet Theatre is one of the few nonprofit dance schools in the country.  Governed by a Board of Directors, all income from the school is channeled into training or performance programs.

The focus of training at the School of Boca Ballet Theatre is on the structured development necessary for classical ballet and concert dance.  In lieu of recitals and the associated cost and limitations they put on class time and dancer development , close affiliations with the Company provides the School’s students with an invaluable opportunity to interact with professional dancers and guest artists.  Students also have the opportunity to audition for Boca Ballet Theatre productions.

Whether seeking a professional career, the enrichment of life through dance or simply a satisfying way to keep fit, students find their needs met with the finest in dance training provided by an outstanding faculty.