Different By Design

Today’s children live in a complicated world.  Through the teaching of classical ballet, we give children the self-discipline they will need to succeed in today’s complex world.  We build confidence, skill, determination and an appreciation for the arts.

Boca Ballet Theatre, established in 1991, is the 6th largest dance company in Florida and one of the top civic companies in the United States.  Over the last 16 years, the School of Boca Ballet Theatre has educated more than 5,000 young people and has performed for over 112,000 audience members from the Tri-County area and beyond.  500 students, including 100 adults, study in our 11,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility each week.  Annually, Boca Ballet Theatre performs a schedule of 13 performances in 4 different programs at the Esther B. Griswold Hall at Florida Atlantic University and for the community at Mizner Park Amphitheatre.

Message from the Executive Director

We’re reaching out into the community to make a difference in the lives of young people.  At Boca Ballet Theatre we’re building the stars of tomorrow.   Boca Ballet Theatre is where the stars of tomorrow join the stars of today!

Dan Guin
Executive Director

Boca Ballet Theatre

In Class

Our “stair step” approach teaches dancers how to dance, not how to prepare for recitals, in progressive steps under the careful instruction of experts. Rather than teaching rote memorization of dance routines, we teach the discipline required to succeed as a dancer. Along the way, our students learn the importance of study, the beauty and grace of dance and the value of hard work-valuable life lessons for all young people. Parents can celebrate their child’s progress during the annual classroom presentation.

Front Row

Boca Ballet Theatre believes that exposure to the classics and the magic of live theatre is of equal importance to in-class training.  All of our students attend Boca Ballet Theatre productions, providing experience and appreciation for the world of theatre and dance.

In The Wings

After a few years of focused training, young dancers have the opportunity to audition and perform corps de ballet roles in Boca Ballet Theatre’s main stage productions.  Rehearsals are held outside of class time, insuring that dance education progress is not interrupted.

On Stage

With experience and skill perfections, students begin to win featured roles in our productions.  The opportunity to rehearse and dance with professionals hired for the productions is extraordinary.  While still in training, our students have worked with dancers from American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, Royal Danish Ballet and National Ballet of Canada, to name a few.

Back Stage

Making it all happen is the challenging work of Boca Ballet Theatre’s staff, teachers, Board of Directors and volunteer Guild.  Co-Artistic Directors Dan Guin and Jane Tyree are the dynamic professional dancers recruited in 1991 to create and guide the evolution of Boca Ballet Theatre.  Dan and Jane’s national and international reputations not only insure instructions excellence for the school, but also attract the outstanding professionals who return to Boca Ballet Theatre each season to perform with our students for our community.

Boca Ballet Theatre

Ways You Can Help

  • Become a member. For as little as $25, you will receive our newsletter and advance notice of events and ticket sales.
  • Subscribe to our season, and persuade a friend to do the same.
  • Join our Volunteer Guild family, whose efforts make our performances and programs possible.
  • Help us reach out to local corporations and organizations for critical underwriting support.
  • Spread the word – we are creating tomorrow’s stars as well as tomorrow’s leaders.


Parent Involvement And Support

Unlike commercial dance schools, The School of Boca Ballet Theatre does not charge recital, costume or competition fees — cost that can average more than $600 per student each year of training.  Instead, Boca Ballet Theatre is a registered nonprofit educational organization and relies on parents and community members to make tax deductible gifts of support, enabling us to bridge the gap between tuition and the actual cost of educating and showcasing each student.

Boca Ballet Theatre

Giving Back Boca Ballet Theatre

Boca Ballet Theatre pioneered its 1st Step Program to offer an introduction to the world of dance to “at promise” children in our community.  For many years, this exceptionally successful program provides dance instruction, transportation and dance wear in a barrier-free atmosphere for the children, earning Boca Ballet Theatre recognition as a “School of Promise” by Colin Powell in the America’s Promise program.